Monday, September 26, 2016

Seas the Day at New Smyrna Beach

Tomorrow will be the 3rd anniversary of the day that David and I bought our 'piece of the beach'.  In those delightful years, we have had the opportunity to make many wonderful family memories there.  I look forward to the day we have grandchildren - and can share it with them!  We love New Smyrna.  It's quaint, it's family friendly, there are lots of good restaurants, there are a lot of wonderful water sport activities to enjoy, and there is a lot of breathtaking nature to see.  Then again, it's often nice to gaze out at the ocean from our living room or balcony.  Or, it's marvelous to be just steps away from the beach or pool.  Yes, New Smyrna Beach is my happy place!

If I was asked what we like most about our place on the beach I would have to say, of course, it is... sharing the unit with others!  In 2015 we rented our beachfront place for 300 days.  It is encouraging to know that we are going to beat that record in 2016!  I love that people like our place, and I love that they want to return to it again!  We try hard to make it a home away from home.  We vacation in the condo ourselves and use most everything our guests use.  It helps us to know what they experience.  It helps us to know what the condo might be missing.  We want our guests to sincerely know that we care about them, and feel blessed when they let us know that they get that!

Here is our condo's website:

Our View from the Living Room and Balcony

While at the condo, I love getting up early for quiet walks on the beach.  Usually I grab my camera when doing this, just in case God decides to show off with an extra special and beautiful sunrise.  Sometimes I see very strange things on the beach.  Other times I see the Lord's work clearly, and am humbled by the fact that He has given me an opportunity to capture the beauty of His nature.  Over the next few weeks I hope to focus on sharing some additional pics here~

This guy just got wet - and did not like it...
Drying off...
All fluffed up...

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